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As contemplative and imaginative child, Stacey demonstrated a love for the arts while growing up in small town New Zealand. She would draw, paint, sing and write poetry for self expression and found others appreciated her eye for detail and unique way with words.

At age 13, Stacey painted her first commissioned artwork of a quaint Victorian Villa for the owner of the house, who hung it pride of place over the fireplace to celebrate the milestone of completing their renovations.

After studying photography and painting at her local high school, Stacey decided to pursue a Bachelor in Communications at the University of Waikato and worked in a media role before moving to Christchurch and becoming a primary school teacher.  Stacey found teaching to be an enriching learning experience and guides her students through creative activities in every area of the curriculum.

Stacey's teaching experience as a classroom and relief teacher also allowed her the opportunity to explore intense units of artistic work and be inspired by the unlimited imaginations of children from a vast variety of social and cultural backgrounds.

Stacey is a self-taught painter and designer, with an innovative surrealist style and a love for communication. She describes herself to naturally be a visual communicator and portrays her passion for bold lines, shape and colour in her work.

Stacey is now a passionate artist and mother (who teaches on the side), dedicating the majority of her time to nurturing her young family. Becoming an aunty and then a mum herself has deepened her motivation for her Art Out Loud NZ adventure, specialising in Name Art Paintings and Designs for children, Family Tree Paintings, Word Art and Contemporary Art commissions. 

In her spare time Stacey loves to dance, travel, read, write poetry, cook, sing and spend quality time with family and friends. 

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